Auckland unitary plan 

remember according to the auckland unitary plan what you can build depends entirely upon what zone your site is in (5).png

Did you know that under the new Auckland Unitary plan, a significant proportion of Auckland now falls within the urban and suburban mixed housing and single house zones. These zones in particular offer real opportunities with automatic rights to add either a minor dwelling, second dwelling or possibly even more if town planning / rules compliance can be met.

Gaining more insight and knowledge into the Unitary plan can help you to unlock the wealth potential of your property.

Do you know what zone your property falls under? Can you build a Granny Flat, Minor Dwelling, Loft Home or Loft Garage? All these questions we can answer at Loft Homes and Garages, we offer a no obligation FREE SITE APPRAISAL to get you started in the right direction.

As specialists at working with and understanding  the Auckland Unitary plan we are in an ideal  position to find the answers to your queries about what you can and can't do on your property.

Since the inception of the Auckland Unitary Plan in 2016 many of our Clients have come to us to help them through the process, saving them the time and stress of trying to find out what they are able to do in their zone.  One of the biggest advantages is that we offer a complete service from the initial assessment to handing over the completed project.

According to a report in Scoop, October 2019, Annual dwelling consents in Auckland hit an all-time record of 14,345 in the year to August 2019.

By investing in your property with the addition of a 2nd or sometimes 3rd additional dwelling/s or a minor dwelling, the investment often ends up funding itself in the case of extra rental income. 

 Another advantage of engaging Loft Homes and Garages is that we are able to customise the additional dwelling to your exact specifications.