What Space for Life do you need?

Additional passive income? (who doesn’t want this!)Work from home and become your own landlord with tax advanatges.  Why pay rent to others or face the daily commute any longer?

Multi-generational living but with independent space for all?

  • For your parents, rather than miles away at an expensive retirement home.

  • For your children's first home. Why pay rent outside the family?

Additional living space, a second lounge, guest accommodation or children bedrooms?

That man cave or she shed you’ve always wanted?

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Family Growing

If you have a growing family, and no space to think or breathe, let us create a new play, chill, or living space for your family and guests to enjoy.

It’s the perfect way to add an extra living area to your home, and if planned well, can be used as a sleep-out or extra guest accommodation space after the children grow (or as your own mancave / retreat should you so desire)

We can create you a space that is all about you on the inside, that fits in with your existing home on the outside.

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Our children can't afford to buy or live where they grew up. With house prices skyrocketing, many of us know that for most young families it’s either move out of the big cities to buy, or even rent.

Here’s a great alternative to renting – build a small dwelling or co-joined addition on your property for your children. These spaces comfortably house two adults with young children or a downsize for yourself. The children pay off the mortgage instead of making wasted rent payments and the family enjoys the long-term financial gain.

This is also a great option for families looking to keep aging parent’s close instead of alone or into at expensive retirement unit, or perhaps you need specialist accommodation for disabled children or other family members

We develop Space for Life; helping to keep families together.

Not sure what you need? Or how to start?

We can help you work out the next step.

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Additional passive income? (who doesn’t want this!) Work from home and become your own landlord with tax advanatges.  Why pay rent to others or face the daily commute any longer?

When you invest in property you do so to create long term wealth, and/or to provide a warm, loving and safe space for your family. At Loft Homes and Garages, we are specialists at creating solutions to maximise the value of your property investment.

Whatever your dream space, Loft Homes and Garages deliver solutions that make great financial sense, and enhance living areas for families to work, play, relax and stay together.  The addition of a Minor Dwelling, Second Dwelling, Loft Space, or Home extension, can provide real tangible value both financially and for your families well-being.