massey- Approx 64m2

Master bedroom| En-Suite | lounge living | seperate downstairs toilet

With a master bedroom and en-suite bathroom upstairs and a lounge and toilet below, this Loft home provides a lot of luxury for the space. 

What problem did the client need help with?

Nuge and Anita wanted to move Nuge’s parents closer to support them.

Nuges father is a Pastor and needed somewhere with some space for the parishers to visit and hold meetings. Nuge and Anita wanted their own living space.

 What was the process we took to solve it?

We started building the additional dwelling with Anita and Nuge’s requirements in mind. Once the dwelling was complete they moved in which allowed us to get started on the renovations of the initial home. We added the extension, renovated the kitchen, bathroom and hallway before the parents moved into their new home.

What was the end result?

The end result is a wonderful Minor Dwelling that provides Nuge and Anita with space and light and the opportunity to at some stage extend if they wish to. Nuge and Anita really felt that Loft Homes team supported them really well with advising them on fittings and fixtures and appreciated how they received regular updates on the project which included the financial details upon completion of each stage of the build