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remember according to the auckland unitary plan what you can build depends entirely upon what zone your site is in (5).png

At Loft Homes and Garages, we are asked for many different products which include; Minor Dwellings, Granny Flats, Home and Incomes, Loft Homes, Loft Garages, Secondary Dwellings, Sleep Outs and Accessory buildings etc

The important thing to understand is, what you can build depends completely on your property’s zone, and that each zone has it’s own set of town planning regulations.

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Granny flats and Home and Incomes are commonly used terms however their functions are covered elsewhere within our product range (Minor Dwellings, Secondary dwellings, Loft / Small Homes and Loft Garages / Accessory Buildings) and these terms are no longer used in the Auckland Unitary Plan.

It’s all about the zoning!

The Auckland Unitary plan is divided into six main planning zones (Single House, Mixed House Suburban, Mixed House Urban, Terraced House & apartment, Large lot Residential, Rural & Coastal )

MINOR DWELLINGS (or minor household units MHU’s) can only be built in the;

  • Single House,

  • Large Lot residential plus

  • Rural & Coastal zones in the greater Auckland region.

They cannot be sub divided. Have a maximum size of 65m2 and no minimum.

SECONDARY DWELLINGS can only be built in the;

  • Mixed Housing Suburban,

  • Mixed Housing Urban and

  • Terraced house & Apartment zones.

They are sub dividable and have a minimum size of 30m2 and no maximum. In these zones you are allowed to build up to 3 Secondary Dwellings without resource consent. You can in some instances add more dwellings with planning permission/resource consent.

Each zone has a substantial number of planning regulations that determine what may be allowed.

It’s a complex area however this is what we do everyday so contact us now for your Free initial site appraisal.

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secondARY dwellingS

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& accessory buildings

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small homes

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