Minor Dwellings make great investments.

Are you considering building a Minor Dwelling?  

Loft Homes and Garages are experts in this area with well proven systems and a significant history of completed projects. We can help you understand the process from start to finish, work through what options may be possible for your property and provide an estimate of the expected total costs. And this service is FREE!

  • A Minor Dwelling is a second building built on your existing title of land.

  • They include; living, kitchen, sleeping, and bathroom areas for independent living and can be built adjoining to, or separate from the existing home.

  • A minor dwelling’s utility services (power, water, telecom etc) can either be sourced directly from the existing home (using check meters for accountability), or constructed 100% independently (often with future sub-division in mind). 

At Loft Homes and Garages, we design and build bespoke Minor Dwellings from start to finish and we provide fixed contract pricing (as far as possible). We build our clients property dreams to high quality standards, and guarantee they stand the test of time. Get in touch and let us show you some of our previous work.

Minor Dwellings can provide the perfect solution for you to:

  • boost your income through rental earnings - either short term (airbnb or homestay) or with long term tenants

  • help your children onto the property ladder (they pay the mortgage down and the money stays in the family)

  • provide independent and private living space for your elderly parents, or extended family to keep your family close

  • work from home, become your own landlord and claim those expenses back

  • provide a major draw card for prospective future buyers

One of our recent modern designs:

Did you know that under the new Auckland Unitary plan, a significant proportion of Auckland now falls within the urban and suburban mixed housing and single house zones. These zones in particular offer real opportunities with automatic rights to add either a minor dwelling, second dwelling or possibly even more if town planning / rules compliance can be met.

Hi Ralph,
We would like to thank you and your team for being absolutely amazing in getting our new Studio loft completed. The procedure from Council approval through to final completion had it’s hiccups but it was superb the way we were lead through the building process and the finished result has been beyond our expectations.”
— John and Vivian from Laingholme

Conversion of existing spaces, into minor dwellings for additional income is also a specialty of ours and we often undertake structural renovations and provide refurbishment services to existing homes.

The main benefits of a Minor Dwelling is they add immediate value and can be self funding to help provide wonderful low risk, long term financial security for your family.

Want to find out more about how we work? Then check out our pricing and processes page. Or if ready now for your Free personal consultation, simply contact us.